we are bags wonder full

original ideas

Fed up with seeing the same stuff everywhere, we wanted something different. So we set about sourcing unusual gifts and creating a range of completely original products, with no idea of the scale of the manufacturing work ahead! We hope our original gifts inspire, intrigue and ignite the imagination of little party guests everywhere.

eco aware

There are many companies on the market offering completely eco-friendly party bags. We are not claiming to be one of them (yet). Our mission is to lower environmental impact, reducing landfill and one-use items by offering products that are sustainable in several ways. Many of our products and packaging are designed to be kept or up-cycled after use. Where possible we use paper and minimal plastic, with relevant products sustainably sourced and harmless to sea-life.

something for everyone

We are determined that our products appeal to every little person, regardless of gender, race, class, look or brain-wiring. With our neuro-diverse guests in mind, we have developed a wide range of intriguing and sensory gifts. You won’t see tiny-waisted princesses or burly pirates anywhere and the majority of our bags are unisex (yes, even football!)

be different

If you want to break from the norm and really shake things up, check out our alternatives to party bags and set a new trend!

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